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Girl Scouts at Levels!

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The Brownies from Troop #4475 paid us a very special visit the other day. The scouts came into the studio to record their very first hit single which was all about their delicious cookies. Brian gave the girls a quick recording lesson and they were off! We hope they remember us when they become famous (and hook us up with some cookies)!

Welcome Charlie (Charlotte) Dora Fishman-Adams!

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Born Tuesday May 9th at 1:07pm, 6.5 lbs and 19″, Charlie instantly became a mini celebrity here at Levels. Clearly mixing isn’t the only talent of Ryan’s. He and his wife Diana are REALLY good at making cute babies. We’re so excited for this new edition to the Levels family and can’t wait to watch Charlie grow into the amazing person she’s bound to be. How can she not, just look at her parents! Congrats to Fishman-Adams family on their first baby! She’s a beauty!

Welcome Morrison Emery DeTolve!

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Phil DeTolve has a growing list of accomplishments over the past 5+ years he’s been at Levels. Not only has he mixed many amazing shows and films with an Emmy nomination in 2014, he also makes cute babies! We are thrilled to welcome baby boy Morrison Emery to the ever expanding Levels family this week. Morrison was born to Phil and Nickie DeTolve early in the morning on June 25th at 7lbs 4oz and is 19.5 inches! Congratulations to the DeTolve family on the birth of their first child!

Hollywood Schoolhouse Comes to Levels!

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Annually, the elementary kids at Hollywood Schoolhouse march down Highland and file into Levels to record songs for their Spring Musical. We had a blast today with them in one of our ADR stages while Barry and Kyle recorded playback tracks for this year’s Alice and Wonderland themed show. Future stars in the making!
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